Sunday, 3 February 2013

Save Money And Effort When Investing In A Denatured Alcohol Fireplace

By Celia Hall

Many home and apartment owners find that using their wood or gas burning fireplaces is just too expensive or too much of a hassle for the result. Wood burning units are cozy and romantic, but they are hard to clean and require constant tending. Gas units are much easier to run, however, they are also quite expensive to use for extended periods of time. A better alternative is a denatured alcohol fireplace. They are safer and easier to use and are also a lot more efficient.

Environmentally friendly heating units are beginning to gain ground on the competition as they offer many benefits that other units cannot. Consumers are attracted to the units for their efficiency, looks, and ease of use. Gas and wood burning units simply are not as environmentally friendly or inexpensive.

Alternative units are becoming easier to find than they once were. The most popular of these alternative heating units are those which use alcohol fuels as they offer many great advantages over other types of heating systems. Ethanol is the most common of fuels when it is combined with additives to create a product known as mentholated spirits or denatured ethanol.

Ethanol is made of some type of fermented plant, usually wheat, corn, or sugarcane. Pure ethanol that has no other additives is 100% alcohol, so it is illegal to sell to the public without having first been made inedible. These end products make an ideal fuel because they burn cleanly and the flames are nearly identical to those created by wood burning fires.

This fuel is used in many different capacities, with the most common being fireplaces and camping stoves. The fuel itself possesses many different benefits which make it an ideal choice for home heating in just about any space. The most notable benefits of using this type of heating are its efficiency, safety, convenience, and ease of use.

Heating systems which run on alcohol-based fuels do not require any ventilations or flues and do not need home hook ups or connections. These, and many other benefits, make the heating units great as design elements as they can be put in pretty much any place in a home without worrying about vents or connections. This location factor means they can be a great option for any sized space, be it small apartments or large offices and homes.

Units of this type are extremely easy to use and run and require very little maintenance on the part of the owners. They only byproducts produced by the unites are heat, steam, and carbon dioxide, so they are extremely clean running, efficient, and there is absolutely no need for a vent of any type. Owners can easily turn the flame on and off and regulate the level of heat being emitted into the space where the unit is located.

Ethanol of this type is used not only in denatured alcohol fireplace units, but also in a large number of other capacities as well. The most common of these uses include stain remover, bug killer, cooking aid, cleaner, and as a preservative. The fluid is extremely useful and is a much more common tool than most people think until they do some research or use it for themselves.

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