Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Web Marketing & How Wayne's World Would Have Been Elevated

By Rob Sutter

I don't know if many people thought about the possibility of web marketing during the 90's. It seemed like commercials and the sort were the way to go if you wanted to get your message out to a large audience. "Wayne's World" served as a public access show for two men to act in silly ways and attract viewers in the process. There was definitely a following to be had with this particular show but could it have been made more popular if marketing was alive at that point?

It was during the 90's that "Wayne's World" became almost a way of life for a cult audience residing in Aurora, Illinois. Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar, two best friends, hosted the show and the events of each episode ranged from music news to interviews with people who viewers may not have wanted to see, like vacuum salespeople. No, the level of resources might not have been high but the same couldn't be said for the heart behind the show. There was work put into it and viewers flocked to each episode as a result.

Considering how many people in the Aurora area have watched the show, who's to say that web marketing couldn't help out just a little bit more? Keep in mind, though, that the show appeals to a few audiences such as younger people and those who are heavy into rock music. I believe that advertisements have to be built based on them, even though there's a possibility that other audiences will be alienated. However, it's a step that companies like fishbat can take because of the understanding of who will watch.

"Wayne's World" has clearly been able to attract audiences but the scope of people who are exposed to it could grow. This was evidenced by the first movie in this two-part series, where Wayne and Garth took their show to television thanks to a giant deal with a network that great amounts of people watch. The factor to keep in mind, though, is making sure that the show is constructed for the audience in mind, which wasn't done in the movie. For the sake of keeping viewers, make sure the elements stay the same.

"Wayne's World" could have taken place ten years or so later down the road and I believe that audiences could have expanded greatly. The truth of the matter is that times have changed and showcasing products has other methods. People can utilize something as handy as the Internet and manipulate it so that said products are brought out to the masses. They will be made more aware of what's in store, which would make people like these two Aurora residential best friends more successful.

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